315 Rustic Lane
Hartland, Wisconsin 53029
E-Mail: dlarson@norsesoft.com

C++, Java, Java JNI, Win32 APIs, Windows 2000 & XP, ActiveX, COM, ATL, MFC, various assemblers. Real-time and embedded systems.

Extensive experience creating Windows applications, including experience with Windows internals.

Experience creating large-scale commercial software products.

Technical team leadership.


Lakshmi Technologies, Senior Software Engineer

Java, JFC, Swing, XML and XSLT, Windows, Linux.

Designed and developed a comprehensive application framework in Java 2, including structural, programming, and documentation standards, as the master framework for an Internet-based human networking product.

2000, 1982

Independent Consultant

Designed and developed Windows NT based real-time multi-process, multi-threaded C++ framework used as the foundation for Iowa's airport weather monitoring system.

Developed machine control firmware for Motorola microcontroller used in an Artos wire-stripping machine.

Developed firmware for Intel 8048 microcontroller based LED point-of-sale message display panel.


Sterling Software, Senior Software Engineer
(Sterling, with $600M in sales, was acquired by Computer Associates)

Windows. C/C++, MFC, ATL, COM, OLE, ActiveX, 80x86 Assembler. Java, JNI, JFC, Swing.

Principal author of ClearReports, a WYSIWYG report writer for Windows, a companion product to the ClearAccess managed enterprise query tool.

Co-author of ClearAccess. A SQL query tool featuring a drag-and-drop query builder, automatic scripting, and custom drivers for various database vendors.

Designed and developed a framework for utilizing OLAP databases within a Java query and reporting tool. Developed Java JNI driver for Microsoft's OLE-DB for OLAP used by this framework.

Developed various ActiveX components that are the functional core of an enterprise-class database reporting system.

Developed the graphical user interface library for an award-winning mathematics education software series, and two titles in the series.


McClean Anderson Inc., Manager, Controls and Systems Development

C, MATLAB, MathCAD, and assemblers: 68000 family, 8086, Z80. Proprietary event driven real-time operating system.

Developed many of the mathematical algorithms used for machine control and off-line process modeling.

Directed development of multi-processor (Motorola 68000 based) motion controller used for filament winding (a fabrication process used in the fiber reinforced plastics industry).

Directed development of a family of companion software products for the motion controller.

Responsible for software and electrical engineering departments.


Kearney and Trecker Corporation, Senior Software Engineer

Assembler: 6800, 6809 and KT-CPU (proprietary processor). OS/6809 proprietary real-time operating system.

Implementation of event driven real-time operating systems. Design and implementation of data link protocol. Design and implementation of programmable logic controller.


Johnson Controls Corporation, Programmer

Responsible for the design and programming of microprocessor based systems used for environmental control research.


University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
MS in Electrical Engineering, 1988
Emphasis: Control theory and digital signal processing.

Milwaukee School of Engineering, Wisconsin.
BS Electrical Engineering Technology, 1983

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