What Games Are Available for It?

This is a touchy subject because of copyright law.

I have personally created a very nice board for Avalon Hill's Tactics 2. Of course I can't and won't freely distribute this for obvious reasons (who'd want it anyway?). I own the actual Tactics 2 board game and so did my opponent so this was OK.

  • In recent years Limey Yanks Games has become THE central place to obtain CyberBoard GameBoxes.

  • You can find additional CyberBoard information on the CyberBoard Wiki.

  • Japan based War Zone C has an impressive list of GameBoxes.

  • One of the more artistic sources of CyberBoard Gameboxes is Pokke's web site. Pokke is the person responsible for the wonderful graphics and the look and feel of this web site. He also created the icons used by the CyberBoard program.

  • An excellent site containing a large list of GameBoxes for use with CyberBoard is Yankee Air Pirates. This site has been migrating to Limey Yanks Games.

  • Walt O'Hara has created The Play By Email Emporium
    site which is another excellent site dedicated to PBEM gaming using tools such as CyberBoard.

  • Chris Dodd created a small free wargame called Battle for Moscow.
    If you would like to get started in wargaming, give it a try.

    See the Web Grognard's site for rules of this small introductory wargame.