What is CyberBoard?

The CyberBoard board gaming system makes playing board games by mail and electronic mail a more enjoyable experience. The system allows you to easily graphically design the various parts of a board game on your computer. The players can make their moves and exchange recorded versions of the moves with their opponents. The opponent can then play back the moves. Although many types of games may be created using CyberBoard, games that use counters or chits such as war games work particularly well.

CyberBoard is not an artificial opponent. It provides no artificial intelligence capability.

My goal for CyberBoard was to duplicate the experience of actual paper counter style gaming--at least to the extent that this is reasonable. In its current form the system does a pretty good job of this.

Who Created It and Why?

Dale Larson (that'd be me) created CyberBoard.
Professionally I'm this guy

I've been working/playing with computers for over 25 years. I also enjoy gaming in various forms.

CyberBoard came into existence to satisfy a personal need to simplify a PBEM game I was playing. We made so many transcription errors it took a lot of fun out of the game. (Necessity is indeed the mother of invention.) I started work on the software in 1994. Originally it ran under Windows 3.1.